Daily Defense News Blog Up and Running

George McGinnI do have to jazz it up some, get some military photos and create the right layout, but besides all that my new blog Daily Defense News is now up and running, and has its first blog story: “Defense Early Bird Briefs – April 3, 2015″.

This blog was not one I had planned on creating, but I am still getting news from my sources in the Pakistani Military and the ISI, and I get documents (nothing classified, but public records that no one is looking at) form another source in Washington D.C.

Last year I broke the news in my investigative piece about how the US Government wants Pakistan to step up its efforts in the fight against terrorism, yet our Department of Defense refused to sell the parts, many warehouses, to keep the Cobra Gunships we sold them in 2007 flying. By 2012, and into 2013, Pakistan had more helicopters grounded and one would fall out of the sky almost every other day.

So I created this blog to report on anything military and defense-wise that either we are involved in or if the work or fighting of another country benefits us.

The US government knew about the helicopter issue, but I also learned that Turkey was willing to step in, and that was what our government didn’t want the public to know. We sold Pakistan Vietnam-era Cobra Gunships, and with warehouses of parts that no longer works in anything we have now, President Barack Obama refused to sell them to a country willing to pay.

Every day I get an email called the “Defense Early Bird Briefs” that the editors at the Military Times publication sends out, and there are many interesting things in these briefs. Most all briefs contain a link to either a story or government documents in PDF files.

Also, I can pull all the stories I wrote when at Allvoices here, and now I have a place to report on any defense or military news of interest.

In this category, my reports may first be sent to either CNN or the Digital Journal first. I am a CNN iReporter and looking for my first story, and I am a reporter for the Digital Journal.

I hope you enjoy this new blog, which is found at: http://dailydefensenews.wordpress.com.

I am working on a program where I can just mail the daily briefs and have WordPress format and publish these stories found around the world.


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