Is Steve Pieczenik Under Fire By Clinton?

On Nov. 1, Steve Pieczenik, an insider with the intelligence community, recorded, with their blessing, the following video:

After making the above video public on YouTube, his website,, mysteriously goes down? Not so.

Someone hacked into his site or its ISP and brought it down. And if their goal was to silence the message, or to intimidate Pieczenik, the first step in the Democratic playbook, not only failed, but I think they do not realize who they are dealing with.

A Wall Street reporter recently revealed the tactics that the Democrats use against anyone who speaks out against them, and this fits right into their playbook. The playbook that the left uses were written about in “The Intimidation Game” by Kimberley Strassel.

So who is Steve Pieczenik?

Pieczenik currently works for US intelligence agencies as a psychiatrist, such as working with CIA field agents, said he was given permission by the intelligence community to make this public. It wasn’t any of his employers that messed with key server files.

According to Wikipedia, “Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker. His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare. He served the presidential administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in the capacity of deputy assistant secretary.”

This, according to Lois Romano, in the June 10 1992 Washington Post article, “The reliable source.” “Pieczenik served as deputy secretary during the Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush administrations.”

And Pieczenik isn’t one of those political hacks with conspiracy theories. He’s a career Patriot, a career State Department head, and member and insider of the intelligence community.

More importantly, he is a bi-partisan insider, working for Republican and Democratic presidents alike.

What we need to realize is that we are in a fight to preserve our way of life. Our country is under attack, but not from bullets or an outsider, or from our military. It is from within a small faction of our government, lead by those on the left.

Like the Arab Spring, it is a war waged in cyberspace, and all the media outlets, who have counted on this medium for information, have bought into the false message from Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation machine, hook, line and sinker.

And we even learned, by Pieczenik’s admission, is that it wasn’t the Russians, or someone in Europe hiding in a basement in his underwear who hacked the Democrat’s emails. They got hacked by our own government’s intelligence agencies.

Most of what’s being reported on both sides have many of its origins from the web. Video leaked on the web of Trump’s private conversation, the Wikileaks emails, and other information has come from YouTube and other online sources.

The other thing to realize is to think about how prepared the release of information has been from Wikileaks? The way these emails are being released in specific batches?

Anyone who has used Wikileaks in the past, as a source for stories or just to look at them, knows that up until this election, Julian Assange, after he broke off with the NY Times and Washington Post during the initial leaks of the Gulf War, had a policy to put everything out on the site not in a piece-meal fashion, but all at once. Now he’s releasing them in organized batches?

The way the emails are being leaked, with each day more damaging information than the day before smells of CIA or any group in the intelligence community. I’ve personally witnessed this.

If Assange or Wikileaks comes out and says something about the information being too much or large to understand all at once, I doubt that. My experience with using Wikileaks in the past has seen them dump hundred of thousands of diplomatic cables in one posting. I’ve seen thousands of documents released at the same time, then Wikileaks would write their stories about the content of the release. No so this time.

I’d look at President Barack Obama or any of the Democratic Party, maybe even an outsider working directly for the Clinton’s closely. Recently, Obama has admitted he would not recognize a Trump presidency. Why is his statement important?

If they can somehow invalidate the election if Clinton is arrested or Donald Trump is elected president, Obama might serve a third term. Or can he?

Tomorrow I have a story “Can The Electoral College Steal The Presidency?” which shows how a president-elect can lose the presidency when the delegates of the Electoral College vote.

George McGinn

Former investigative reporter, North Port & Charlotte Sun

Former US Army Military Policeman (served under Regan)

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