Opinion: Mainstream Media – The New “Deplorables”

George McGinnAfter the shameful actions of the networks and mainstream print-media during the past three months, I have found a word that absolutely sums up what the reporters and videographers from these outlets are – deplorables. 

And those who earned it have no one better to give thanks to but their major benefactor, Hillary Rodman Clinton.

And while I know that deplorable isn’t a noun or verb, today it is.

What has been called “mainstream media” lost all credibility with the public. By openly (and in secret as exposed by Wikileaks) becoming the Clinton News Network (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBS, MSNBC, FOX-NEWS, HLN, and others) their unjust and biased reporting of the presidential election did a great disservice to the public they are supposed to present balanced reporting, and earned them that new title of disrespect.

Deplorable, according to the dictionary means: deserving strong condemnation, shockingly bad in quality.

No other group of reporters, editors, producers, owners, and cameramen match that definition right down to the letter.

The willful actions of a few corrupted newsman, owners, and cameramen, who had the power to turn the camera’s off and say “this is wrong” all are deplorable.

The reporters who decided that the word of Hillary Rodman Clinton was the only source of information they needed, who wrote stories, allowed Clinton to edit and veto items from what they wrote, committed other grave acts against journalistic ethics, are all deplorable.

Included in this list are the New York Times, Washington Post, even the Wall Street Journal.

Even when Donald Trump won the presidential election, the fact that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer stood there, on air, shocked in incredulity, and even when his own people, Dana Bash were telling him to call it for Trump, he refused. Wolf Blitzer, yes is deplorable. Dana Bash can also be added to the deplorable list.

And to a special Van Jones of CNN, who was the only one using dogmatism and racist remarks, had the audacity to say that electing Trump was “Whitelashing,” showed us all his true colors – a racist and a bigot.

Going even further, saying how his Muslim friends were asking him if they should leave the country, immigrants cowering in fear, passive bigotry remarks, and the fact he said (by blaming other parents) he didn’t know what to tell his own child, and was afraid of breakfast the next morning.

Van Jones, who could not deal with his own hateful and bigoted feelings, let it all spill out to whoever was left to hear him earns that special class of “deplorable.”

The MSNBC producer, Sheara Braun, falling all over Clinton, like a star-crossed lover, who wrote in a leaked email: “The point isn’t to dwell on the past but the point is to talk about this amazing, intelligent woman, who probably faced more nonsense back in the day because she is a woman…and she continues to have to face it. She is smarter than most men are and more qualified than most men to be president.” You’re getting it now, deplorable.

And to all the hypocrite Trump friends at FOX-NEWS, like Kelly Megan, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity, all deplorable.

The problem is not that they are all deplorable. They are what they are. They did their viewing public a huge disservice and violated the canons of journalistic ethics supposed to make us accountable, will likely go unpunished. That is deplorable.

The damage to the Fourth Estate, the final checks and balance on the government has been severe, perhaps beyond repair. The public trust in all journalists suffers because of the deplorables. Even to those of us who spent our lives protecting what separates us from the hacks of the world, our integrity, due to the deplorable acts of those reporters and many others, too many to mention them all, is gone.

As journalists, we promise our employer, the people, that due to the power the press has if misused, we must inform and not sway the minds of the people we serve solely on our personal beliefs. We are to present all the facts from as many sides as we can, in a true unbiased manner so the public can decide for themselves what to think, not how to think.

Until this presidential election, reporting the news was a honor. To have the trust of the people is so fragile, but it seems today these deplorable newscasters just do care about what’s honorable. 

Due to the actions of the “deplorable,” the betrayal of this public trust by telling people how to think and what to believe makes me ashamed to call myself a journalist.

But in the same way I feel ashamed, I also feel it is at this moment that I must fight back, to get that public trust back, and to remind those who squandered it, they are deplorable.

The honest, hardworking journalist must expose the actions of the deplorable, for even though we have a distrusting public, we still owe it to them to earn that trust back by not giving in or giving up due to the abuse by those who sold their journalistic ethics for a seat at the foot of the throne of America’s first queen.

So I am doing my part, to call out those deplorable and put the shame where it belongs – on them. For if they are not punished by their employers, this may be the only way to remind them they are no longer part of us who still believe we have an obligation to the public first and foremost, for those who are deplorable have already put their views and beliefs ahead of the public, and misled the people by forcing upon them to see things “their way.”

I do hope all those mentioned here and those I didn’t are fired, for the shareholders of their companies shouldn’t support their brand of news. For the longer they go on with their lies, they will remain deplorable, and it now becomes the duty of the rest of us in journalism to keep reminding them of who they are, and where they fit in the future of journalism.


The views, comments and opinions expressed here are of George McGinn, the writer. I based my opinion on the facts, on what I observed and what had occurred.

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