Technology/System Experience

January 14, 2019

Below are just some of the numerous technology and applications worked on during a 44-year career. Also some not mention as I may have looked over the technology, but never used it.

As I said in my Core System Strategies page, just because new hardware, software, even operating systems come out doesn’t mean you will need it just because it’s there. More problems arise if integrating new technology (that term here means hardware, software, operating systems & protocols) is not well planned.
For example, a majority of the tools I use and own became unusable after I did what everyone else did – keep upgrading to the newest and latest Windows Operating system. So I upgraded my machine, and guess what? None of my developmental software for the mainframe worked, my visual COBOL stopped working, and even Visual Basic changed eventually to Visual.NET.
Microsoft made the decision it was no longer going to support backwards compatibility. 
My solution was a simple one, and that was to get an older, refurbished machine that can run Windows 2000 Professional. Now my ISPF/REXX program, my PowerCOBOL, Visual Realia COBOL, CA Mainframe Workbench with a mainframe emulator that runs and/or supports JCL, PROCs, SYSLIBs, COBOL-II, CICS(MRO), DB2, Assembler and PL/1. In other words, I can run a complete mainframe system. 
And now my visual OOP programming languages now work, was well as my extract code generator, Prism Warehouse, which was part of the whole craze of creating data warehouses which in some installations got so complex, with DB/2 database with more than 20 dependencies and countless children records that just creating a data warehouse file was a nightmare.
And my new tools also work, such as PowerBASIC, BASICtoPHP, the latest in SQL databases, all still run and their executables still work on the pre-Windows 10. 
But Windows 10 is Microsoft’s answer to the iOS operating system from Apple, as it is touch capable. 
Here’s a partial listing of the major systems I’ve worked with during my career. ALGOL and FORTH and some of those other languages are not listed, as they were used up until the early 80’s for me:



Some Mainframe, Server, Internet & Programming:


  • COBOL (all dialects)
  • PL/1
  • CICS & CICS Clients
  • Distributed Processing (CICS MRO/ISC)
  • DB/2
  • Dialog Manager
  • JCL
  • System internals – VSAM
  • ISAM, VSAM, GDG’s & other file types
  • NDM & FTP
  • Shell coding (BASH)



  • PowerBASIC (WIN and CC versions)
  • BasictoPHP
  • FreeBASIC
  • COBOLScript
  • VBScript
  • XML
  • PowerCOBOL (Enterprise COBOL by Fujitsu)
  • Microfocus COBOL & Net Express (v 3.1 & v5.0)
  • CA Realia Workbench (with JCL & ASM 370)
  • CA Realia Mainframe Simulator/Workbench
  • CA Visual Realia (Visual COBOL)
  • VISUAL Basic
  • PRISM Warehouse Manager
  • Integrating MS EXCEL, WORD, ACCESS
  • MS-SQL, mySQL & other DBMS
  • POP3, SMTP, UDT, TCP, DDT & FTP Protocols
  • creating DLL’s & COM’s
  • PowerTree & Ptree Indexing
  • Btrieve
  • MAC/iOS App Development
  • Objective-BASIC
  • BASICScript (home-invented maro language)
  • Smart BASIC
  • XCode Development Environment
  • iOS App Development
  • Arduino/Raspberry PI
  • IoT Design, Development, Stack Programming

Some Applications/Systems Experienced In:

  • Scientific applications/statistical analysis – Rockland Psychiatric
  • Scientific applications in Cosmology and Astronomical Observations
  • Systems programming – Assembler (IBM’s OS HASP operating
  • Support Systems, Software & Protocols
  • Porting Mainframe systems to LAN network & Web servers
  • System communications between Mainframe and LAN Servers
  • Defined Contribution Applications (401K Plans)
  • Defined Benefits Applications (Pensions)
  • Prescription Plans, Drug Utilization Review, Fraudulent Script
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Point-of-Sale systems for large supermarket chain
  • Fleet management systems
  • Data Warehouse Management Systems
  • Data extract & conversions (for warehousing &
  • E-Commerce Web site for a power company’s clients (Web to Mainframe
  • National & International Cell Phone wholsale clearing (calls
  • New Jersey’s Workman Compensation Systems – Fraud Detection
  • Web site development (HTML, PERL, PHP, ASP, VBScript, mySQL, MS-SQL)
  • Data Dictionary and Data Engine-based systems
  • Stand-a-lone PC, LAN Networking & Web applications
  • Live-streaming of audio broadcasting for a radio stations
  • Independent Alpha & Beta testing for RealServer v5
  • Call Center systems with fix or information-gathering automation
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Medical System and automated workflow
  • Sports (Currently Golf) tournament, league, and membership
  • Enterprise-wide document management, storage and retrieval
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) integrated solutions (wireless,
  • Asset management, asset to system integration, and problem




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