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September 24, 2017

Below are the links and descriptions to my blogs, sample sites showing my work, and eventually list of Apps designed by me and either available here or at iTunes.

As more sites come online, we’ll add them here and either let you know on the site’s front page, and/or write an article about it, like I did with the blog “Training Rescued Dogs” that is in development.

However, the three blogs below are each unique. Daily Defense News is set on auto pilot and news comes to it from more than 30 military and defense-related government agencies, and even several publications. We also get from the Department of Defense a list, sometimes daily, on all contracts awarded, how much is being spent, what we are getting and who is getting the money. With the articles and the contract awards, you can not only see how we are doing defending our country, but see how they are spending your tax dollars.

Cosmology and Space Exploration currently is a blog that gets all its information from government sources, and until recently, I published the reports given to me. I am currently in the process of exploring the topic more and will be converting over to original reporting. However, I cherry pick what stories are published here. You will only read about science, discoveries, results of missions and experiments that further our knowledge of space, life on Earth, or potential uses by us of anything discovered. This site does have a page where journalists can get press releases, but also the public is allowed to listen in on almost all the events. The only thing as a member of the public you cannot do is ask questions. Procedures for journalists to register are in these notices. And if a press release is important to the public, like the European Space Agency Rosetta project grabbing photos of a comet as they crash it onto its surface, will also appear in the articles as well. (Press releases, unless they are published as articles, usually do not go out to our social media network.

Examining Life (And Things of Interest) will take a different look at life than you will find in newspapers or TV. Same with things of interest, we’ll look at something very ordinary and find something unique about it, or it could be revealing what the fuss is over Trump University (I was given all the DVD’s and access to the student website as a journalist), so I could write about what exactly people were getting for their $30K tuition. And since I am not part of the lawsuit, I have no gag order, and if I did, I’d still write about it (hey, sending me a gag order would by unique and interesting in its own right). I written stories about identity theft but with a twist – no one ever looks at their child’s credit report. And I was the first to report on this, and as a coincidence a report came out while I was writing my story. It is shocking that your child’s identity could be stolen and you’ll find out 10 to 15 years later. I also reported on how great it is for mechanics to run computer diagnostics and find out exactly what is wrong with your car. However, a hacker or terrorists can buy the same software off the shelf and hi-jack your car! Yes, the computers in your vehicle are open systems, the car manufacturers know about it, and refuse to do nothing.

Stories for Examining Life will start picking up as I have been doing a lot of research while I have been developing my sites. And there will also be a big move for some blogs as I migrate off WordPress’ servers and run their software on my own server. There  are some things I would like to do, but only when I have access to the source. Such as the Daily Defense News site, there are things published like subscribing to a newsletter that could be cleaned up, and I want to write a program that will create Categories and Keywords based on what is found in the story. I’m slowly working on that coding now.

Also with parts of the Cosmology and Space Exploration, I will be automating the publications of press releases, and not just from NASA. I have plans to include the ESA, Japan and Russian space programs, and any other country who has a space program. Then I can concentrate on writing the science stories that do come from the press releases, but also from universities and observatories around the world.

I’ve twice spoken to and helped scientists in Australia, one I even proof-read a peer review paper and a book written based on the paper for a scientist writing about Leap Seconds. I checked the science, making sure that nothing was forgotten or was wrong, and I also reviewed many of the more complex math equations. Another I helped with an App that I wrote about for Allvoices, which I will write for both the Cosmology and the Examining Life sites. The app is designed for people with iPhones only, to either take photos of meteors that either turn into fireballs or even those from a shower, and the app gathers all the GPS, knows where in the sky the photo or videos were taken, and with this data from all over the world, scientists can better triangulate where the meteor came from, how big was it, and all kinds of data on it.

So there will be some exciting stories that will be published in the near future, and between this site, both a personal and business site, and my others, here you might read a more personal story where the same topic will be written differently on another site. Between the two you’ll get a better understanding. Here, on my site, I am not just constrained to writing in journalistic formats. And while I am right now using this site to also promote my new business venture, that will go to its own website,, which is already operational with the same information here, but I’m currently developing that on my server. This way, I’m not mixing personal with business, as I am looking at a deal with IBM and next week will decide if a new programming system for my MAC is my answer for a comparable development tool that I use on Windows. Then my code will truly be portable and will have the capability of writing a system that runs on both platforms.

So, below are the websites & blogs that I have currently operational, and as more comes online they will be added here and either a notice on the front page, an article, or an aside, which is used for shorter news or PR that really does not belong in with the articles.


img_0343 Daily Defense News
This blog automatically collects military and defense-related news from more than 30 sources from every US military branch to every government agency responsible for defending out country. Learn of troop movements, deployments, servicemen and women killed in action, and even get a copy of reports, say on an accident attached to the article. We also report on how our tax dollars are spent, on what and to whom. 
image Cosmology and Space Exploration
This blog is updated with articles about scientific discoveries, mission results, and future missions of our space program. You will not find here the stories about astronauts on the ISS swallowing water balls. Only articles, peer review papers, and news stories that advance our knowledge of cosmology, astronomy, physics and space exploration.
Examining Life (And Things of Interest)
Here we explore life events in a way that is unique, like taking a flashlight and shining it on something ordinary in a very different way. It may be asking a question about something that many wouldn’t think to ask. Or looking at life events or living life and exploring it in a way that will not only entertain, but be informative. Things of Interest is slightly different. We’ll find something, whether it is in technology or science or business, that people reading it should say, “hmm, that’s interesting. Here we will provide a unique way to look at things in a way you would never think of, such as my story about identity theft of a child’s ID. Have you ever checked your children’s credit? 

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