Can The Electoral College Steal An Election?

Can The Electoral College Steal An Election?


Overview of the Electoral College, White states are “Faithless” and Red states are “Pledged”. See map below for detailed breakdown.

Between November 8 and December 19, no mater who wins on Election Day, the losing side can still wind up being president, and it all rests in the hands of the Electors. And at least three of the Electors, all GOP, say they are not casting their vote for Trump. 

This is the last way to steal an election, and it is constitutional, as it is the Elector and not the public who elects a president. We only get to say who we want, and its not binding.

Not many Americans really understands how the Electoral College works. What the are not being told by the media or either party is that regardless of the fact whether or not the election is rigged, and either Hillary Clinton or Donald J.Trump wins, there is still a way provided by the US Constitution that an election can be “legally stolen.”

And if it were to happen, the act itself will not create a constitutional crisis, because, it has been this way since the 1787 Constitutional Convention and upheld by a 1952 Supreme Court decision that it is “constitutional.” The aftermath and fallout if the election is stolen when the Electoral College votes will be short of devastating to our way of life.

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Is Steve Pieczenik Under Fire By Clinton?

On Nov. 1, Steve Pieczenik, an insider with the intelligence community, recorded, with their blessing, the following video:

After making the above video public on YouTube, his website,, mysteriously goes down? Not so.

Someone hacked into his site or its ISP and brought it down. And if their goal was to silence the message, or to intimidate Pieczenik, the first step in the Democratic playbook, not only failed, but I think they do not realize who they are dealing with.

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